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Starship Technologies: looking ahead to 2021 | by Ahti Heinla | Starship Technologies

Grocery chains will increasingly rely on innovative delivery alternatives as they seek to meet customer demand in a safe and efficient manner. In September, we announced our first partnership with a leading U.S. grocery chain, The Save Mart Companies, to deliver instant, on-demand delivery of their customers’ favorite products to their doorsteps.

Starship Technologies
Residents of Modesto, Calif., Can now have their Save Mart groceries delivered by an autonomous robot

Starship Technologies: looking ahead to 2021 | by Ahti Heinla | Starship Technologies

As students return to college, our robots have focused on providing contactless, fast, and affordable delivery across campus. The number of stand-alone deliveries has increased, setting records week after week. We plan to expand to many new universities in 2021.

As we move into this next chapter, Lex Bayer is stepping down after serving as CEO of Starship from June 2018 to October 2020. During his tenure, the number of deliveries made by the company’s autonomous robots increased from 5,000 to more than 500,000, with more than 1 million kilometers traveled. We are proud of Starship’s growth and accomplishments during this time and grateful for Lex’s contributions, and we wish him well in his future endeavors.

I will act as interim CEO while we search for the best person to lead the company in the future. Since I co-founded Starship with Janus Friis in 2014, I am very proud to play a role in realizing our vision, notably as CEO for almost four years and most recently as CTO.

At the start of 2021, we plan to complete our millionth stand-alone delivery. We’ve made it this far thanks to our innovative and world-class fleet of robots, but – most importantly – the fantastic team of people who have made our company what it is today. I can’t wait for us to share more news about our Starship trip soon.




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