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Supremely talented, and hulking, RB recruit will announce between Bama, Georgia and others next week

    Branson Robinson is the next star rookie in running back.

Branson Robinson is the next star rookie in running back.
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Five feet 10 inches, 220 pounds with a 40 inch vertical, a 4.49 40 yard dash and a full beard to boot.

Oh, and this monster I’m talking about still has a full year of high school.

Branson Robinson, soon to be a senior at Germantown High School in Madison, Mississippi, recently turned heads and broke his ankles in his game footage and practice videos.

Are you telling me he’s a high school student ?! Is it someone who just got a driver’s license? It’s the old “what are they feeding these guys?” joke come to life. Robinson, his size and frightening abilities have attracted the attention of several universities. According to 247sportsRobinson has attracted the interest of 17 top football schools, including southern elites such as Alabama, Georgia and Clemson, among many others. It’s obvious why Robinson is getting so much attention. The man is built like a tank, but sheer size alone isn’t enough to make all recruiters turn green. Robinson combines his brute strength with incredible speed and an ability to start and stop that makes my ACLs weak just by looking at him. It’s the exact same combination of physical assets that made Mark Ingram so dominant at the college level, and that’s what makes Alabama such a logical destination for Robinson.

Robinson is exactly the type of back that would fit right into Nick Saban’s system. From Derrick Henry to Eddie Lacy to Trent Richardson to Bo Scarbrough, the big murderer in the backfield has been a pretty consistent force in Nick Saban’s system in Alabama. The Crimson Tide offense may have been successful without a huge bulking muscle to carry the ball, but Bama has had immense success with such players. Every running back I just mentioned has won at least one national championship with the Crimson Tide. In fact, other than Derrick Henry, they’ve all won at least two.

So does that mean Bama is key to land Mississippi’s top overall rookie and the nation’s third running back? Well, not exactly. According to reports, Robinson has also expressed an incredible interest in Georgia and Tennessee. With Alabama, these are the three schools Robinson would have narrowed his decision down to. So how well would a back like Robinson fit into non-Saban systems?

Obviously any school would love to have someone as talented as Robinson, but Robinson doesn’t exactly fit the mold that Tennessee head coach Josh Heupel has been supportive of. during his coaching career. At the time of Heupel as offensive coach at UCF, Heupel adopted its own variation of the coveted “Art Briles”tack and shoot”System – a system that relies heavily on RPOs and needs a quarterback who can read opposing defenses well. This system would most likely suit Robinson’s skill set, just as he did with QB turned TE / HB Blake Bell in Oklahoma in 2014, but it wouldn’t give Robinson the stardom he wanted if he truly sought to become. a potential first-round NFL draft selection. Three years in Heupel’s heavy RPO offense could turn Robinson into a full-back more than anything else. I doubt that’s what Robinson would want.

As for Georgia, the Bulldogs would certainly be a better fit for Robinson. The most common comparison I have seen Robinson make is with former Georgian phenomenon Nick Chubb. Georgia are leading a much more pro-style attack, along the lines of Alabama. Not to mention, if Robinson’s game really looks like Chubb’s, playing for a coach who helped Chubb become one of the NFL’s best running backs would be incredibly appealing. As good as Alabama’s history with the running backs is, Georgia’s has arguably been more successful in producing strong NFL talent such as Sony Michel and D’Andre Swift, as well as some of the best runners in the game these days. past years, like Nick Chubb and Todd Gurley.

On his social media, Robinson said he would make his collegiate decision on July 22, the birthday of his late uncle who recently passed away.

While Tennessee is among the schools currently in contention, Robinson is highly unlikely to pick a school that has just hired its fifth head coach since 2008. In my opinion, Georgia seems like the obvious choice for Robinson. Alabama is widely regarded as the U half-back, and Saban has already received commitments another 4-star half-back prospect Le’Veon Moss from Istruoma and 5-star prospect Emmanuel Henderson from County Geneva. I’m sure Robinson isn’t the type to shy away from competition, but Georgia would provide an opportunity to play earlier in a system almost as coveted as Alabama’s.

Not to mention, Georgia put in a huge recruiting effort during Robinson’s visit to UGA in June. During that visit, Robinson toured the school’s facilities along with four other top prospects: quarterback Gunnar Stockton, wide receiver De’Nylon Morrissette, wide receiver Kojo Antwi and tight end Oscar Delp. During their short stay in Athens, these five became incredibly close friends and even began to refer to themselves as “”The five fabulous“- a nod to Michigan Basketball Recruiting Class 1991 who saw their team, led entirely by a real freshman, reach the NCAA Finals (and start over). Stockton and Morrissette have already announced their commitments to UGA. And with so many buddies that this group has been with each other on social media, it seems more and more likely by the day that all five of them could end up in the Dawg Pound. I think I don’t need to say how having five of the best rookies in the country in every offensive skill position makes a team dangerous.

Robinson has all the tools to be the next big comeback from college. Making comparisons with Nick Chubb and Mark Ingram never hurts. I can’t wait to see him dominate the opposition at the college level.




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