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This Grand Theft Auto Online role-player is running his own taxi empire

Living in Los Santos is not easy, especially when you are an average civilian. In your average game of Grand Theft Auto In line, the world works by Looney Tunes logic: people run through the streets on flying motorcycles and call in orbital strikes on their enemies.

On the game’s unofficial RPG servers, however, things are quieter and there is room for individual characters to flourish. Take, for example, a character named Tony Moretti, a former mobster and talented man who runs his own very elaborate taxi business.

In Grand Theft Auto Online RPG servers, the majority of people are not the kind of criminals you associate with the anarchy of Grand Theft Auto. Instead, they are civilians making their living from mundane daily chores to buy modest cars and ordinary houses. It’s less overdone and lavish than the typical experience, but it can also be riskier – every cop is controlled by a player, who will never stalk the pits. Therefore, running a legitimate business (the real kind, not a “legitimate business”) is very viable.

Grand Theft Auto 


Image: Rockstar Games


In Grand Theft Auto The man behind Tony Morretti is a player who streams under the pseudonym Roach, a 37-year-old father of three. His character was born a DayZ RPG server in 2016, and has since lived on multiple servers and multiple games in a variety of roles. Moretti is an Italian mobster who has done everything, playing every role, from a bossy knack to an action movie antihero.

Each Grand Theft Auto Online server has a different set of cultural rules and norms. The New Day server, where Moretti lives, is known for its slow burn and realistic role-playing, not just shootouts and explosions.

This makes it the perfect location for Tony Moretti’s new peaceful Roach protest. In the character’s backstory, he lost the people closest to him due to this Mafia life. Moretti still befriends donations and criminals, but he also rubs shoulders with the server’s legitimate power players. As a successful businessman, Moretti is constantly busy.

“Tony started this business with his daughter Caterina,” Roach says, “from a motel room and made his way to their own apartment building and a large number of employees. [He even has] a fully professional website. The company, Famiglia Cab Company, now has more than 25 employees, a white glove chauffeur service and a private bus line. The taxi company provides him with a great perspective and an endless excuse to talk to other people.

“[Hes the] type of person that people talk to and can trust, ”Roach says of his character.

“I wanted to surprise people by playing like a civilian. No mafia stuff or big crime, just a normal, regular or as normal life as you can get in Los Santos, ”says Roach. “But I need something to make this life interesting, so comes Famiglia Cab Company.” There is even a Famiglia Cash Cab, for funny questions!

Grand Theft Auto Online - An array of vehicles in Grand Theft Auto Online are lined up in a parking lot, each decorated in a custom livery for a role-playing taxi company. 


Image: Rockstar Games


Tony Moretti’s employees drive, direct the shipment, handle payments and occasionally call the police or take another employee hostage. “I play Tony as honest as I can get,” Roach says. “No mafia this time, just everyday stories that can go anywhere anytime. The taxi business is not as easy as some might think, but it remains the number one taxi company on the server.

While there are other taxi services on the server, like Barter Cabs, Famiglia is the largest and most prevalent in New Day’s Los Santos. This is because Moretti has the largest number of employees and constantly devotes time to the business. It’s a thankless and difficult task to handle, but the end result is a smooth, consistent role-playing game for the citizens of Los Santos that they can’t get in the official version of the game.

Be a civilian in the world of Grand Theft Auto Online would be a terrifying experience. But on the Grand Theft Auto’s unofficial RPG servers, it’s actually not bad. Players go to parties, show up for work, and make friendships around the criminal chaos of Los Santos. Sure, you could be taken hostage or robbed, but you could also meet Tony Moretti and earn some money. The city is full of surprises.



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