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Top RPG News Of The Week: August 29th (Elden Ring, Starfield, Marvel’s Midnight Suns and More!)

Top RPG News Of The Week: August 29th

HAppy weekend of Fextralife! If you’ve been too busy to keep up with the latest games we cover, or you’re looking for a refresher, we’ve got you covered! Here is a miniature version of the Top RPG news of the week. Taste all the latest news on the Fextralife Wiki network.

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Wasteland 3

  • The final expansion to come Wasteland 3 is the Cult of the Holy Detonation which was announced this week, adding worshipers of a nuclear explosion kept in stasis. The extension will be released on October 5.
  • Wasteland 3’s second and final narrative expansion takes players to the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, home to the Cult of the Sacred Detonation.
  • The developers of inXile share that “Your Ranger team will be tested like never before in objective-based encounters that will give a creative twist to the already deeply tactical turn-based combat.” The expansion adds new weapons and armor as well as more enemies to Wasteland 3.

For more on this news, find it here in the final expansion for Wasteland 3 Cult Of The Holy Detonation Revealed.

Top RPG News Of The Week: August 29th

Broken roads

  • Team17 and developer Drop Bear Bytes have announced Broken Road, a post-apocalyptic RPG set in Australia.
  • Broken Roads got a new trailer at Gamescom 2021 and has a new editor which is Team17. The narrative RPG will launch on PC and consoles in 2022.
  • Expect a mature storyline with a deep morality system, all set in Australia, which is now a wasteland. The morality system influences not only quests, but dialogue and character development. The game will feature real world locations and landmarks as you explore, fight and of course survive.
  • Players can choose from different philosophical paths: Humanist, Utility, Machiavellian, and Nihilist, each with their own unique traits.

For more on this news, find it here in Broken Roads A post-apocalyptic RPG set in Australia has been announced.

Broken Roads Releases on PC Consoles in 2022 Top RPG News Of The Week: August 29th (Elden Ring, Starfield, Marvel's Midnight Suns and More!)

New world

  • The New World Open Beta will take place from September 9 to September 12 according to the announcement during the opening night of Gamescom Live. The September 28 release date is still ahead despite previous delays for the MMO. Players will be able to request access in early September 8 at 7:00 a.m. PT.
  • The public beta will allow players to experience New World ahead of the game’s release at the end of next month and a chance for the developer to test the servers with no doubt a huge influx of players this time around. In addition to the beta news, Amazon Games has unveiled a new trailer featuring the supernatural world of New World.
  • The developer has previously warned on the Open Beta FAQ page that there may be some wait times during the beta test. Again, progress made in the Open Beta will not be applied to the full game. Therefore, even if what happens in beta stays in beta, this is a good opportunity to experience some versions and features of the game before launch.

For more on this news, find it here in New World Gets Open Beta in September.

New World Open Beta in September Top RPG News Of The Week: August 29th (Elden Ring, Starfield, Marvel's Midnight Suns and More!)

Marvel’s Midnight Suns

  • Firaxis, the developer behind XCOM, is unveiling at Gamescom 2021 Marvel’s Mightnight Sun, a turn-based RPG based on the Marvel universe released by 2K Games.
  • Although the team involved have been working on XCOM, the new Marvel RPG game will not share mechanics with XCOM and will not include permanent death according to Jake Solomon via Polygon.
  • Marvel’s Midnight Suns will place players as The Hunter, an all-new character designed in partnership with Marvel Comics. Based on the sounds, The Hunter will be highly customizable not only in appearance, but also in combat ability with over 40 different superpowers available. This will give a wide variety of abilities ranging from light to dark, allowing players to choose the powers of the more traditional superheroes or stray into more occult anti-heroes such as Ghost Rider and Blade.
  • One of the biggest differences players will experience from XCOM games is how skills progress. Players will be able to explore The Abbey, a brand new headquarters between missions, which players can explore in third person and even in developer relationships with other superheroes. This area is a kind of meeting area that will include the ability to offer gifts and choose dialogues which, in turn, will affect your relationships.
  • Marvel’s Midnight Suns will be released in March 2022.

For more on this news, find it here in Marvel’s Midnight Night Suns Revealed By XCOM Team.

XCOM Team reveals Marvels Midnight Night Suns Top RPG News Of The Week: August 29th (Elden Ring, Starfield, Marvel's Midnight Suns and More!)

Pathfinder the wrath of the righteous

  • Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous is days away from launching on September 2. In the latest trailer, it showcases the different locations, enemies, and some of the spells players will encounter in the game. The trailer was released during Gamescom 2021.
  • In case you missed it, Owlcat Games previously announced that the CRPG will arrive on consoles next year on March 1, 2022. They also shared details on the Mythic Path players will follow with Mythic Transformations allowing characters to become an angel, a demon, a lich, a crook. , Aeon, Azata, Gold Dragon, Swarm That Walks and Legend.

For more on this news, find it here in Pathfinder Wrath Of The Righteous Gets Launch Trailer.

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Launch Trailer Released Top RPG News Of The Week: August 29th (Elden Ring, Starfield, Marvel's Midnight Suns and More!)

The Waylanders

  • The Waylanders is being developed by Gato Salvaje Studio which is currently in Early Access. The Waylanders, the party-based RPG, now has a confirmed release date which is November 16, 2021, coming to Steam and GOG.
  • The ad also came with a 20% discount, so you can purchase the game for $ 27.99 USD next week.
  • Players embark on an adventure consisting of six base classes, as they explore a Celtic-Spanish wilderness filled with warring factions, monsters, and magical corruption. Build alliances, even pursue romantic entanglements, and follow the story of cultural change and conflict.

To find out more about this news, find it here in The Waylanders Releases on November 16, 2021.

The Waylanders Launch Date Revealed November 16th 2021 Top RPG News Of The Week: August 29th (Elden Ring, Starfield, Marvel's Midnight Suns and More!)


  • Blasphemous: Eventide’s Wounds is the last DLC for the punitive title of metroidvania. The DLC should launch for free December 9.
  • While it’s sad to hear that this will be the last DLC for Blasphemous, news of a sequel has also been revealed. The trailer teased Blasphemous 2 which has a 2023 release window. The trailer didn’t reveal much as it only shows an “II” at the end of the video, but it does mean that ‘a sequel is in progress.
  • Blasphemous follows the story of the Penitent, the only living survivor of the Silent Sorrow massacre. The game has a punitive action with a number of brutal executions.
  • If you’re looking for other Metroidvania titles, you can check out our list here in the Top 10 Metroidvanias To Play in 2021.

For more on this news, find it here in Blasphemous: Wounds Of Eventide DLC announced; Blasphemous 2 teased.

The Waylanders Launch Date Revealed November 16th 2021 Top RPG News Of The Week: August 29th (Elden Ring, Starfield, Marvel's Midnight Suns and More!)


  • Bethesda recently had three unlisted videos discovered by fans that reveal the lore behind a few locations in the upcoming Starfield space RPG.
  • The videos were shared on social media which offers a little insight into the location of towns called New Atlantis, Neon, and Akila.
  • These brief videos have not been indexed and Bethesda has confirmed via IGN that they are shared among members of a community club called Constellations.
  • Each video shares snippets of information about each of the different locations and concept illustrations. Neon is described as a fishing platform that has now been transformed into a city of pleasure, which benefits from fish with psychotropic properties that produce a drug called Aurora. New Atlantis is the capital of a large government faction called the United Colonies (UC). Recently, Akila City is a fortified bastion of freedom and individuality, surrounded by wilderness that is home to the Ashta, alien monsters that look like a mix of wolf and velociraptor.
  • While the videos aren’t extensive, they take a closer look at the story behind certain areas of Starfield. We’ll be adding more to our Starfield wiki as it is released, so be sure to bookmark our wiki for all the latest.

For more on this news, find it here in Starfield Videos Reveal Three Locations.

Starfield Videos Features Cities Top RPG News Of The Week: August 29th (Elden Ring, Starfield, Marvel's Midnight Suns and More!)

Ancient ring

  • The live opening night at Gamescom 2021 kicked off this week with the announcement of their award winners, with Elden Ring nominated for multiple categories.
  • The category the game won was for Best Sony PlayStation Game, with Yasuhiro Kitao, FromSoftware’s Promotion, Marketing and Production Manager, accepting the award in a recorded message, thanking fans for their support.
  • But that wasn’t all for Elden Ring News, as many media outlets, including ourselves, were invited to watch a presentation that showcases Elden Ring gameplay. This includes new details on PvP, crafting, types of magic, spirit summons, weapons, armor sets, stamina and more. It also explains character customization in more detail.
  • So if you’re curious about what we’ve seen, head over to this Elden Ring New Gameplay Breakdown & Impressions video / article, New Mechanics Revealed for more and our general impressions.

You can also drop by our Fextralife Twitch channel when Cas is broadcasting to ask questions about Elden Ring.


For more on this news, find it here in Elden Ring New breakdown and gameplay impressions, new mechanics revealed.

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