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Usain Bolt puts a gold medal on table vs. Hill’s Super Bowl ring

Usain Bolt is ready to race on Tyreek Hill.

Usain Bolt is ready to run Tyreek Hill.
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Imagine being so confident in your abilities that you are willing to put one of your most valuable possessions on the line to prove that you are the best. That’s what Usain Bolt just asked Tyreek Hill to do in an interview on Dan Patrick’s show yesterday.

Bolt threw down the gauntlet, saying he’d be willing to put one of his golds against Hill’s Super Bowl ring to see who’s faster.

Rumors of a potential Tyreek Hill-Usain Bolt race have been circulating the internet for years now. Every once in a while, one of the two pops their heads out again to start a drama, but nothing will happen.

Hill was much more outspoken about his confidence in this race. He’s had arguments with other NFL stars in the past about his speed. Hill and his former teammate Damien Williams have already argued over who is faster. In order to prove his superiority in speed, Hill caught up with Williams as he broke free for a 91-yard touchdown. Hill even shouted “Hey, you’re slowing down, bro!” while catching up with Williams near the end zone. Other NFL players who claimed they were faster than Hill include Tampa Bay Receiver Scotty Miller and 47-year-old Pro Football Hall of Famer Terrell Owens. Anyone who claimed to be faster than the Cheetah was humbled by Hill’s speed. On the other hand, apart Antoine Winfield gives him the peace sign, Hill has never experienced such humiliation … in any real way.

Hill is one of the most famous players in the NFL. He also pleaded guilty to domestic violence in 2015, and was quoted as saying “You must be afraid of me too, bitch” referring to his wife and 3 year old son with a mysteriously broken arm. Despite all of this, the NFL has never suspended Hill for his actions. On the contrary, he openly marketed Hill as one of the most exciting players to watch on the pitch. At every turn, Hill got away without even a slap on the wrist. Because of this, Hill doesn’t need to worry about anyone. As he said, others must be afraid of him, even the 100-meter world record holder.

In the interview with Dan Patrick, Bolt says that Hill might not be willing to put his Super Bowl ring on the line. Well, Tyreek, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. He’s been talking about a big game for far too long, and I think we all know Bolt would absolutely destroy Hill in something more than a 40-yard dash. Bolt and Patrick discussed how a 70-meter run might be the best compromise for both athletes, as Hill specializes in the 40-meter and Bolt specializes in the 100.

Obviously, Hill would put a lot more than Bolt in this situation. Bolt even says “I have eight gold medals”, which implies that losing just one wouldn’t mean much to him. Hill only has the one Super Bowl ring, so if Bolt really wanted to put Hill in his place, he would probably have to win more than one Olympic gold medal. I’m not sure what else Bolt might put in to match the stakes (probably just more of his golds), but I hope he does, as I would love nothing more than to see Hill absolutely getting smoked into something he believes no one can beat him.

So everyone really should. If Hill wins, it would dramatically reduce the integrity of the 100-meter, one of the first events of the Olympics. It’s a big reason why so many people wanted to see DK Metcalf lose at the Olympic trials. While that would have been a good story, and probably would have boosted public interest in the event in recent Olympics, it would also have left a lasting effect on the event that “Maybe the best runners do not participate in the Olympics. Maybe they’re in the NFL. There is almost no reason to support Hill if this race were to happen. Despite being the obvious underdog, he was more arrogant. He showed Bolt no respect – calling him “washed”. And he has a violent history that has been consistently overlooked by the NFL.

Go bolt! I hope he shows Hill what real speed is.




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