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Valheim mod lets you punch wolves with your own two hands in VR

Valheim released in Early Access in February, and he already has mods on a terrifying scale. One of those mods is VHVR on Nexus Mods. The unofficial VR mod has recently been updated to let you play the survival game with motion controls, so now Valheim players can hit a wolf with their real body, if that’s what their heart desires .

For players less interested in punches, the updated command set also includes precise archery and, in quotes, “Fishing :)” With multiplayer support, I like the idea. to relax and catch fish with friends, honestly. “Motion tracking translates to multiplayer, so you can say hello to your friends (or whatever obscene hand gesture you prefer).” Gestures, I imagine, like ‘come here, I can slap you with a fish and challenge you to a chess duel.’ Everything looks good to me.



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