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Valve Index will be available in Australia from August

For a premium experience, the Valve Index is the best VR headset, but Australians have had to worry about importing one since its launch in 2019. That’s about to change: EB Games will finally stock the Valve Index in August. . 18, with pre-orders now available.

For the Complete Valve Index VR Kit you will spend AU $ 1,899.95: which includes the headset, two Index controllers and two base stations. But you can also buy them piecemeal, with the headset alone for AU $ 999.95, a base station for AU $ 249.95, and a pack of two controllers for AU $ 499.95. If you want the headset and controllers without a base station, it will be AU $ 1,499.95. Depending on what you buy, pre-order deposits range from AU $ 200 for the full kit to AU $ 50 for a single base station or controller pack.


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