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Prepare for Your Journey as Weird West Hits Xbox This Fall

Prepare for Your Journey as Weird West Hits Xbox This Fall

Hello Xbox community! We worked on our first track Strange west for quite some time now, and we’re extremely excited to announce that it’s coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S this fall. As this is the first time we are writing to you, we thought we would give you an exclusive look at two of the trips you will take during your stay in the Old West.

Strange west is an immersive third-person simulation set in a dark fantasy reimagining the Old West. Gunslingers, the evil that stalks the night, ritual artists and people cursed to live strange lives fill the world with unique and exciting encounters. And beware: your ally can quickly become your enemy as you search for the meaning of the burning mark at the heart of your story.

Strange west presents five intertwined journeys, and here we’ll dive into two of them, the Oneirist and the Pigman.

Strange west

Dreamists have spent their time in the West perfecting the art of telling the future to protect the earth from its own obscure devices. As the new initiate of their order, you will begin the dreamlike journey by slipping into your first vision trance which shows you a future much darker than what initiates normally see. Your journey won’t be easy – there’s a whole future at stake – but with a bunch of magical abilities, alongside one or two shooters, you’ll have the best chance you can hope for saving the West from what is to come.

Strange west

Now let’s move on to something a little different: The Pigman Journey. You used to be a man, sure, but now your body has been transformed into half-human, half-pig by someone with a bone to collect. Now you are unsightly. Disgusting to the people you once knew; even enter a town of Strange west will make people shout insults, or worse, the law at you. At the start of your journey, you will only be thirsty for one thing and one: to find the person who did this to you and find out their reasons for doing it. But looking like a monster brings out the worst in people, so don’t expect it to be an easy ride.

Strange west

These are just two of the five trips you will take Strange west, where no two are alike. As an immersive experience, you will create groups, form friendships and enemies.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, we are extremely excited to be releasing on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S this fall. To pursue @WolfEyeGames and @devolverdigital for all the latest information on Strange west.




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