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What are you playing this weekend?

What are you playing this weekend?

It’s a vacation weekend here in the United States, and there’s no better way to celebrate an extra day off than by playing games.

Between barbecues, attending a Quinceañera, researching wedding venues, and bathing two stinky dogs, we plan to have some virtual fun over the next three days. Some of us will build a civilization, play the surgeon, try to annihilate a threatening enemy and refuse to bow down to the Syndicate.

Alex Donaldson, Associate Editor – Mini Autoroutes, Humankind

I think it’s time for something of a strategy game kick, at least for a week, especially when I have some huge RPGs on the horizon in the near future. As such, I will be spending some time on Mini highways and Humanity This weekend.

Humanity is scratching the same itch that has seen me devote hundreds of hours to each entry in the Civilization series. The first time I saw the pre-release of the game, Sega reps described him to me as a “Civ Killer” – and while I don’t think he achieved that goal, he is. damn good 4X strategy game that shows great promise as a franchisee.

Then there are the Mini Autoroutes. I reviewed it earlier this week, giving it five stars. It’s about as flawless as a video game can get, I think. It’s just lovely and relaxing. And I’ll need some relaxation this weekend because it’s my NFL Fantasy Football Draft. I prepared for it, so I hope I don’t fully prepare it.

James Billcliffe, Guide Editor – Saints Row 3: Remastered

After Dorrani’s video giving us a preview of the Saints Row reboot, I decided to take a fall with the remastered version of Rue des Saints 3.

I remember enjoying the more shameless GTA clone of Saints Row 2 and playing with superpowers in Saints Row 4, but I had never played 3.

Well it turns out that I actually played 3 and it crashed into my memory – some parts that I remembered as Saints Row 2 and others as 4 – which is not surprising because you can pretty much say it’s a fusion of the two.

I think the open world of Saints Row 4 lost its sense of scale because of the crossing and felt barren because of it. Let’s see if 3 has a better balance and if the funny guys got so old that I got goose bumps.

Stephany Nunneley, Editor-in-Chief – Control: Ultimate Edition (possibly)

I have planned a very busy weekend so I might not have time to play anything.

Tonight I have to go to my mom’s for a barbecue because it’s my stepfather’s birthday. And I refuse to miss any of his signature steaks, a baked potato and corn on the cob. Plus my mom bakes my favorite cake and can’t wait to have a piece of it.

Then tomorrow which is Saturday I have three places to visit for a wedding / reception. You see, after 19 years together, the man of the house finally decided that we should get married and asked the question. It is also time. So anyway, we’ve set a date for October of next year, and you need to book these places at least a year in advance, so I’m checking out a few tomorrow. Wish my wallet good luck, please.

Also on Saturday our friend Julio’s daughter is 15, so we have her Quinceañera to attend (that’s when a girl is 15 and becomes a senorita). I was told there would be plenty of food and the margaritas would flow like water so I’m sure we’ll have a great time.

Sunday I have to bathe the dogs and work in my terrible backyard, so I’ll probably be too exhausted, and probably hangover, to play anything Sunday night.

But, despite everything I plan on doing over the holiday weekend, I hope I have some time to play Control: ultimate edition on Labor Day, which is Monday. It’s currently on sale for 60% off on Steam, and given that most of my friends have recommended it, I figured I’d drop $ 15.99 on it. But, like I said, maybe I don’t have time. Or maybe I am too tired. We’ll see. Anyway, I bought it so I’ll play it eventually if I don’t make it over the holiday weekend.

Tom Orry, Editor-in-Chief – Surgeon Simulator 2, PC

I always intended to give the original game a boost, but never did, so with the release of the sequel, I jumped into the surgeon’s seat and gave my best impression of Donald Anspaugh. Nice dated reference out there for those of you old enough to know about TV before the internet.

It didn’t go well. At all.

Let’s just say the limbs were flying, blood was flowing (?), And the patients were dying. In fact, they are all dead. It was worse than the time Romano’s arm encountered a helicopter blade. Another reference to emergencies for fans.

It is worth noting that Surgeon simulator 2 is on Xbox Game Pass for console and PC, so if you’re a member, you can give it a try without paying extra to accidentally rip a man’s leg off.

What are you playing this weekend?

These are our plans for the weekend. What will you do? Are you planning on getting into anything other than working holiday games? Or will you turn on your console / PC and dive into some virtual fun? Let us know! We love to hear from you.





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