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Why you still can’t buy a graphics card on Black Friday according to a supply chain expert

Earlier this year we spoke with Dr. Thomas Goldsby, a supply chain expert, on what was going on with global semiconductor supply. Specifically, we wanted to get to the bottom of why it’s incredibly difficult to buy a graphics card in 2021. Since we’re still no closer to a healthy supply of GPUs, at a time when we might have otherwise seen Black Friday graphics card deals, we’ve decided to run this feature again to offer some explanation to those wondering what’s up.

In order to buy a graphics card in 2021 you’ll need smarts, agility, and, most of all, a bit of luck on your side. Look at the bigger picture and the reason for this is simple: demand outstrips supply, leading to a semiconductor shortage. But what does it actually mean to not have enough chips? How did we end up in this situation? And how the heck does it get fixed?

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